Spanish With Paul
Hello, my name is Paul and I live on the beach in the south of Mexico in an area called the "Riviera Maya". It's got great weather, ice cold beers and beautiful Caribbean beaches. I moved to Mexico 12 years ago and love it here...
My Lessons On YouTube
Most of you know me from my free lessons on YouTube so you're already familiar with my teaching and the great results it can give you!
But The Truth Is...
What I upload to YouTube are just random samples of my teaching style. You'll NEVER get fluent from them alone. I don't go into enough detail and there's no structured learning plan to follow.

If you really want to skyrocket your rate of improvement in Spanish...
My Full Course Will Give You 10 Times BETTER Results!

Just Some Of What's Inside...

  • Premium Lessons: I don't upload my best lessons for free to YouTube. All my premium content is only found inside the members area!
  • A Perfect Learning Curve: All the lessons out in the exact order you should watch them in, giving you amazing results, fast.
  • Direct Access To Paul: I'm here to make sure you achieve amazing results. Just ask me if there's anything you don't understand.
  • ​Much More Detail: My lessons on YouTube only scratch the surface... in my full course I go into much more detail and reveal all my secrets.
  • Native Spanish Speakers: It's not just me! I have a team of native Spanish speakers that are available to answer your questions and assist you.
  • Latest Course Updates: On top of the course you'll also receive updates from me with fresh new content and improvements! 
  • No Grammar: This course is presented in layman's terms and avoids the use of intimidating grammatical terminology. 
  • No Writing Down: Speaking a language is a verbal & mental task so we don't rely on notes or memorizing lists of anything, ever!
  • No Confusion: For each problem I give you the easiest solution, the simplest way of looking at it so there's never any confusion.
A Perfect Learning Curve

"Simply listen to the lessons in the exact order I've laid them out in, answering any questions I ask you along the way. That's it! The course will take care of the rest for you."

100's Of Five Star Facebook Reviews!
Here's What You Get

The Full Course (50+ Hours)

Three years in the making, this is my complete course where I take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to transform your Spanish and achieve true conversational fluency. Amazing Results.

1 Years Worth Of Course Updates

On top of the full course I'll also give you a years worth of updates. These will be videos that support or improve the main course and reflect my latest tips & tricks for many concepts in Spanish. We're constantly improving!

PDF & Audio Downloads

Spanish With Paul is primarily a video based course however I'll also included many PDF guides to support you as well as audio drills (recorded by native Spanish speakers) to help you!

Native Spanish Speakers

A team of 4 native Spanish speakers help to run Spanish With Paul. As a member, you'll also have email access to them. They even record drills for the course to supplement my teaching. It's a perfect combination!

Lesson Vault

These are personal videos that just didn't quite make the cut but some members just love them anyway. For the first time I'll open up Pandora's box and give you access to this unreleased content.
One Direct Line To Fluency
In this course I lay out one very simple, direct line for you to follow to fluent Spanish. I show you the easiest way to navigate around every problem Spanish throws at you.

You see, nothing slows your Spanish down more than "thinking". The more ways I find to simplify Spanish for you, the less "thinking" you'll have to do, the less "choices" you'll have to make and the more fluent you'll become!

Throughout every step of the journey I always give you "the easiest way" to do things and a very gentle learning curve so that level 10 really doesn't feel that much harder than level 1!
Speak Spanish In Paragraphs
This course is designed to get you speaking Spanish confidently in full paragraphs and telling stories around a dinner table. You'll easily be able to flick between the past, present and future tenses along with having a high frequency vocabulary perfect for conversation.

That awful feeling of doubt & uncertainty you're currently experiencing will soon disappear as you come to trust and depend upon the rock solid structure this course will give to you in Spanish.
Every Problem Solved

Por vs. Para

This module gives you the simplest way to choose between por and para so it'll never confuse you ever again.

Ser vs. Estar

Mess this up and you'll never be fluent in Spanish. If other courses have damaged you on this I'll fix it and fast!

Preterit vs. Imperfect

The past in Spanish is a vast topic but don't worry... I break it down like no one else for crystal clear clarity.

Reflexive Verbs

Spanish loves reflexive verbs and you will too! It's just a matter of combining verbs with what I call "pronoun power".

The Subjunctive

Most courses make a complete mess of teaching the subjunctive. If you've been damaged by other courses, I'll fix it!

The Personal A

This concept is alien to us in English but completely normal in Spanish. I break down each concept so you really get it.

Pronoun Power

These are the most powerful "little words" in Spanish and you'll master them 100% organically, no grammar!

Modal Verbs

Modal verbs allow you to speed up your Spanish even though you're still a beginner. I love them and so will you!

Cognates & Vocabulary

In just 3 hours of learning time I'll add +/- 2000 words to your Spanish vocabulary using the magic of cognates.
Certificate Upon Completion
Your Progress Is Automatically Tracked
With a glance you can see what percentage of the course you've completed and how much there is to go.

Our membership software remembers exactly where you left off - even if it was in the middle of a video (and will bring you back to that exact same point next time you login!)
Works On All Your Devices!
The member's area is perfectly optimized to give you a great experience no matter what device you prefer to use with it - desktop, tablet or mobile.

There's also no limit on how many of your devices you can use with the course!

You can study the lessons on your phone, tablet and laptop all with the same login.
Lightning Fast Video Streaming
Experience some of the fastest video streaming in the world using a CDN (Content Deliver Network)

Inside the members area it will automatically detect where in the world you are and stream lightning-fast video to your location directly from the cloud.

It's the very latest in video content delivery and ensures each lesson will stream to your device seamlessly and uninterrupted to maximize your learning experience.
Nothing Beats "Simple"
Unlike other courses that give you every which way possible, I simply give you the "easiest way" to do things.

For example... the easiest way to express the future tense? The easiest way to choose between por or para? The easiest way to talk about the past? Or what's one simple rule for when to use the subjunctive?

I know that the more I simplify Spanish for you... the faster your Spanish will become.

The secret is that I give you less to think about. I give you less choices to choose between... which instantly makes your Spanish faster and your sentences longer!

Keeping it simple is the secret to fluency in Spanish.
Naturally You Can Try It Out 100% Risk Free
You have a full 30 days to try out the course to see if it's going to work for you.

If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with the results you get, simply email support here for a full and unconditional "no questions asked" refund.

#1: I don't believe in keeping your money if you're not 100% happy with what you've purchased.

#2: I'm almost certain you're going to LOVE the effect this course will have on your Spanish!

All the risk is on me so you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it try today!
So What Will It Be?
If you've been struggling with Spanish for a while, this is your chance to actually do something about it.

You can stop the frustration and instead make a dream come true, impressing everyone around you in the process!

The difference in your Spanish one year from now will be huge, I already know that, but it all depends on what you decide to do right now.

The "future you" will thank you for it!
Two Options To Choose From

Regular Member

$99.95 USD
  • The Full Course: Over 50 hours of content
  • PDF and Audio downloads
  • One years worth of updates
  • ​Access to the Video Vault
  • ​Native Spanish speaker support
  • ​Ultra modern members area
  • ​Video streaming from the cloud (CDN)
  • ​Works on all devices
  • ​30 day money back guarantee
  • ​One years unlimited access

Premium Member

$199.95 USD
  • The Full Course: Over 50 hours of content
  • ​Extra Content & Lessons
  • ​Quizzes to grade your progress
  • PDF and Audio downloads
  • One years worth of updates
  • ​Access to the Video Vault
  • ​Native Spanish speaker support
  • ​Ultra modern members area
  • ​Certificate of completion
  • ​Video streaming from the cloud (CDN)
  • ​Works on all devices
  • ​30 day money back guarantee
  • ​One years unlimited access

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can't I just learn all this stuff for free on YouTube?
Good luck with that. Seriously. With a topic as complex as expressing yourself fluently in a foreign language you need structure. You need an even learning curve. You need a blue-print. You need 1-1 attention to address your particular problems. A dedicated course is the only way to go.

Now if you do want to "slog it out" the hard way and have all the hours in the day to try and teach yourself from a bunch of random videos on YouTube be my guest but I really doubt you'll get very far. After 6 months of trying you'll probably find yourself back on this page.

Isn't it simply easier and faster to use the fact that somebody else has already worked it all out for you?
But isn't it best to learn from a native speaker?
Generally no. Just like us, most native Spanish speakers don't have the first clue as to how their own language actually works. They only know if it "sounds right" to their ears but they can't give you a clear explanation as to WHY it's right or wrong!

That's why it's far better to learn the mechanics of how a language works from someone who can see things from your point of view as a native English speaker. They understand what it's like to be you!
O.K but what about pronunciation?
I'll give it to you straight... as an adult learner you'll never have the exact same pronunciation as a native speaker. Ever.

I know many native English speakers who can speak awesome Spanish and none of them have a native accent... it just doesn't work that way unless you grow up learning the language from childhood and having native speakers in the house.

As long as the person teaching you has correct pronunciation you're good to go. It's what you'll have too but please, forget this myth of sounding exactly like a native speaker! You will always sound like a foreigner who is fluent in Spanish.
I only have a limited time to learn
Most of us are busy and simply don't have a lot of hours to dedicate to learning Spanish but that's O.K. In fact, in many respects it's better. Here's why...

When you're learning new skills your mind needs time to process, sort and file the new information you're feeding it. In the background your subconscious works furiously to "figure out" how to deal with all this new stuff that's coming in.

There are many studies that show we actually make the fastest progress when we devote between 30 minutes to 1 hour of study to a topic each day. People who become fluent in languages aren't any smarter than you, they're just super consistent. That's the secret.
I've tried and failed before
So have 95% of the people reading this page.

Unfortunately most of us have had the exact same negative experiences when trying to learn a foreign language.

We've all had experiences in school of "teachers that couldn't teach", me included!

In school I did 4 years of French and German and came out not being able to string a single sentence together in either of them, let alone hold a conversation.
So believe me when I tell you I know what it's like.

The most important thing with language learning is HOW something is explained to you. And I think you'll find the way I break Spanish down into such simple-to-understand-bite-size pieces to be a real revelation.

You'll feel excitement for learning again and regain your belief that you actually CAN DO IT.

It's not that you're any smarter now... it's just things are being explained to you differently.
Is this Spanish from Spain or Latin America?
I live in Mexico so I speak Latin American Spanish but let me explain why that's completely irrelevant.

The most important thing to master in Spanish is STRUCTURE which is the exact same for all Spanish regardless of the country.

For example, the correct use of Pronouns or Por vs. Para or Ser and Estar are the same in any Spanish speaking country. The structure of the language doesn't change... only the accents & decoration.

Once you have structure in place it's such a simple task to add in the finishing touches afterwards to match your target country.

Honestly, it would really be a shame to disregard this course simply because you believed you needed one specifically for Spain... or Argentina... or Mexico!

It'd be like insisting on an Australian English course simply because you intended to live in Australia. It's irrelevant. What you need is correct structure. Period.
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