Spanish With Paul
Hello, my name is Paul and I live on the beach in the south of Mexico in an area called the "Riviera Maya". It's got great weather, ice cold beers and beautiful Caribbean beaches. I moved to Mexico 14 years ago and love it here...
If you've been struggling with your Spanish and not making much progress, I'd like to show you a new way of learning which I think is going to help you a lot!

Best of all, there's...
  • No Grammar
  • No Writing Down
  • No Memorization
Instead, it's all based on building sentences step-by-step using what I like to call... Building Blocks.

You simply stack one on top of the other!
My Lessons On YouTube
Most of you know me from my free lessons on YouTube so you're already familiar with my teaching and the great results it can give you!
The Truth However...
Is that what I upload to YouTube are just random samples of my teaching style.

The lessons are GOOD but they'll only get you so far. 

If your true goal is conversational fluency in Spanish... this page will be the most important thing you'll ever read.
A Peak Inside The Members Area
Here's How It Works
The course begins assuming you know nothing about Spanish but will quickly surprise you as you find yourself able to build longer and longer sentences with confidence!
  • Begin at lesson 1 and watch the videos in the exact same order I’ve laid them out in.
  • Whenever I ask you a question, pause the video, and say your answer out loud. Then you'll hear the answer from me.
  • Always think out your own answers rather than just listening passively.
  • ​Repeat each chapter as often as you need to until you are happy to move forward.
  • ​As you progress, your sentences will become longer and longer until you reach conversational fluency in Level 9.
Here's What It Will Do For You!
By the end of the course, your ability to speak Spanish will be completely transformed. In fact, it will probably be unrecognizable compared to how you were before!
  • Express your own unique thoughts in Spanish no matter the situation. (Because I'll show you how Spanish works you'll have the freedom to say whatever you want, whenever you want. This is very different from "tourist style Spanish" where you're limited to just a few set phrases.
  • ​​Speak uninterrupted for minutes at a time. (It's easy to do once you understand how to build sentences and then stack them one after the other. In fact, you might love it so much you'll never shut up! LOL)
  • The ability to describe things in detail including past events. (You'll be able to tell stories around a dinner table or even fight your own corner in a disagreement! I'll get you speaking in full paragraphs rather than just bits & pieces like most people do. 
  • A rock solid foundation that won't let you down... especially important when "the pressure is on" and you're in front of native Spanish speakers! The Spanish I'll teach you won't fall apart in high stress situations. It's dependable, tough and designed for use in the real world.
  • Experience an amazing boost in confidence and self-belief. (The key is my trademark easy learning curve. You'll always know exactly where you are and what to do every step of the way, constantly enjoying a steady stream of "little successes" which only serves to motivate you even more!
What You'll Find Inside The Members Area

The Official SWP Course

Spread across 9 levels and fully structured, I'll take you by the hand and get you to conversational fluency in Spanish in as little as 60 days!

150 Video Lessons (50 Hours Of Content)

The course is fully structured to give you the maximum results in the shortest time. The lessons are straight to the point and crystal clear so you're sure to understand everything perfectly.

PDF Files & Worksheets

SWP is primarily an online video course however PDF guides and worksheets are provided whenever things get trickier and extra reinforcement is required for a particular video lesson.

MP3 Audio Drills

These are downloadable drills you can use on the go while driving or exercising etc. They are designed to speed up your responses and shorten the time it takes you to reach true fluency in Spanish.

Direct Access To Paul

I'm inside the members area every day so you can ask me questions if there's anything you're unsure about. I'll reply back to you personally with extra help, encouragement or my best advice.

Access To Native Spanish Speakers

A team of 4 native Spanish speakers (Elena, Ignacio, Uriel & Ana) are also on hand to answer your questions. Each has a university degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language so you're sure to get expert help.

Ultra Modern Members Area

You'll love the experience every time you log into SWP. The members area works perfectly on every device and comes with all the latest technology in online learning. A truly world class platform.

No Writing Down Or Grammar Required

Grammar works great for some but for many it's just another obstacle in the way! My lessons avoid the use of grammatical terms, instead you'll learn in a very natural way, almost without realizing it!

A Focus On Speaking & Sentence Building

This is a method and that focuses on how to build sentences so that everyday conversation is something you'll enjoy and get very good at. In fact, by Level 9 you'll be speaking full paragraphs as well!

Secret Lesson Vault

These are personal videos that didn't get released but many members enjoy them regardless. One might be a recording from my balcony overlooking the Caribbean sea, another might be from inside a local Starbucks... you just never know.

Complete The Course In As Little As 60 Days And Completely Transform Your Spanish!

You get access to the full course as soon as you login and are free to go through it at your own pace. Most people find that doing one hour a day gives them the best results and will typically finish it in 60 days or less.

Because each lesson builds upon the last, you'll feel a constant sense of progress as you move forward. Each "little success" you experience along the way will only serve to inspire you more!

Revision points are perfectly spaced out at ideal intervals to maximize long term retention of everything covered.
  • Completely rebuild your Spanish from the ground up and finally achieve conversational fluency! (You'll find yourself having one "Ah Ha!" moment after another as I explain things to you in a totally different way!)
  • A focus on sentence building and structure so you can enjoy everyday conversation with native Spanish speakers. (Right now your Spanish is probably full of holes, gaps, bits & pieces but there's nothing to hold it all together in a way you can use! I'll fix all that and give you a rock solid system you can rely on. )
  • Packed with high frequency verbs and vocabulary you'll use everyday. (It's no secret that around 80% of conversation is based around 1000 words and that's exactly what we focus on in the course. You'll learn the most important vocabulary and instantly shorten your learning curve!)
  • Discover the real secret behind conversational fluency and why some develop it so much faster than others.  (It’s not that they’re smarter than you! They’re just going about it differently. I'll show you what they're doing so you can join them and leave everyone else behind!)
  • Experience an amazing boost in confidence and belief in yourself as your Spanish improves exponentially over the course of the next 60 days. (Most people are shocked by their rate of improvement using Spanish With Paul, once you start implementing my strategies you will be too!)
  • ​Finally break free of “tourist Spanish” and start conversing like a fully grown adult, speaking uninterrupted for minutes at a time and with rock solid confidence.
  • Learn to "think" like a native Spanish speaker. (I'll show you how a native Spanish speakers actually "hears" Spanish. This is especially important when it comes to the talking about the past because they do it in a way that quite different from us English speakers!)
Why Continue Struggling On Your Own When I've Already Worked It All Out For You?
Truth is, I pretty much already know what your problems are in Spanish.

That's because I've been through all this before with hundreds of other students just like you!

I've already found the best solutions and the quickest ways around them so you'll finally make some real, measurable progress.

Simply sit back and follow the path I've laid out for you. It'll save you a bunch of time, headaches and and frustration.

It makes no sense to try figuring this out on your own when someone else has already done all the work for you!
  • Ser or Estar?
  • Por or Para?
  • Imperfect or Preterit?
  • ​Traer or Llevar?
  • ​All the verb tenses
  • ​Past, present, future
  • Subjunctive moods?
  • ​What vocabulary to know?
  • ​Reflexive verbs?
  • ​Pronoun placement?
  • ​Sentence structure
  • ​Double pronouns?
  • ​The impersonal se?
  • ​The passive voice?
  • ​Modal verbs?
  • ​Plus much, much more...
  • ​Ultra-fast video streaming and download speeds - Nothing is more frustrating than unresponsive, jittery or interrupted video playback. That’s why we invested heavily in the fastest and most advanced content delivery network currently available. (You’ll never be left waiting around for a video to load and download speeds are lightning fast. from the cloud.)
  • Progress bar - It’s super easy to track your progress through the course using the progress bar. It will display exactly how much you have completed and how far there is to go. Psychologically this is important because you’ll always know where you are plus it helps you stay focused on achieving your goal.
  • You Never Have To Worry About Losing Your Place - The software will automatically track and remember exactly where you left off in the course, even if it’s in the middle of a video. The next time you login you’ll be brought back to that exact same place so you can continue without losing any time trying to find where you left off. (This creates a seamless learning experience and works even if you change devices.)
  • ​A Study Routine Custom Written For You - Because you’re given exactly what to do and work on each day you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out any of it for yourself. (You’ll develop a powerful new study habit that will make your Spanish much stronger than ever before.)
A Perfect Learning Curve

"Simply listen to the lessons in the exact order I've laid them out in, answering any questions I ask you along the way. That's it! The course will take care of the rest for you."

100's Of Five Star Facebook Reviews!
Fast, Automatic Spanish That Won't Let You Down!
In this course I lay out one very simple, direct line for you to follow to fluent Spanish. I show you the easiest way to navigate around every problem Spanish throws at you.

You see, nothing slows your Spanish down more than "thinking". The more ways I find to simplify Spanish for you, the less "thinking" you'll have to do, the less "choices" you'll have to make and the more fluent you'll become!

Throughout every step of the journey I always give you "the easiest way" to do things and a very gentle learning curve so that level 10 really doesn't feel that much harder than level 1!
A Fix To Every Problem That's Been Holding You Back

Por vs. Para

This module gives you the simplest way to choose between por and para so it'll never confuse you ever again.

Ser vs. Estar

Mess this up and you'll never be fluent in Spanish. If other courses have damaged you on this I'll fix it and fast!

Preterit vs. Imperfect

The past in Spanish is a vast topic but don't worry... I break it down like no one else for crystal clear clarity.

Reflexive Verbs

Spanish loves reflexive verbs and you will too! It's just a matter of combining verbs with what I call "pronoun power".

The Subjunctive

Most courses make a complete mess of teaching the subjunctive. If you've been damaged by other courses, I'll fix it!

The Personal A

This concept is alien to us in English but completely normal in Spanish. I break down each concept so you really get it.

Pronoun Power

These are the most powerful "little words" in Spanish and you'll master them 100% organically, no grammar!

Modal Verbs

Modal verbs allow you to speed up your Spanish even though you're still a beginner. I love them and so will you!

Cognates & Vocabulary

In just 3 hours of learning time I'll add +/- 2000 words to your Spanish vocabulary using the magic of cognates.
Certificate Upon Completion
Upon the completion of the course, you’ll be issued certificate you can download.

It will display your full name, a unique serial number, the name of the course, the number or hours completed and the SWP logo. (This can be very useful for your job or even tax purposes depending upon your situation.)
Your Progress Is Automatically Tracked
With a glance you can see what percentage of the course you've completed and how much there is to go.

Our membership software remembers exactly where you left off - even if it was in the middle of a video (and will bring you back to that exact same point next time you login!)
Works On All Your Devices!
The member's area is perfectly optimized to give you a great experience no matter what device you prefer to use with it - desktop, tablet or mobile.

There's also no limit on how many of your devices you can use with the course!

You can study the lessons on your phone, tablet and laptop all with the same login.
Lightning Fast Video Streaming
Experience some of the fastest video streaming in the world using a CDN (Content Deliver Network)

Inside the members area it will automatically detect where in the world you are and stream lightning-fast video to your location directly from the cloud.

It's the very latest in video content delivery and ensures each lesson will stream to your device seamlessly and uninterrupted to maximize your learning experience.

Who This Is Not For!

It's very important to understand exactly who this course is and isn't for. If any of the bullet points below apply to you, you should not invest in this course!
  • Anyone who only wants “tourist Spanish” where they memorize set phrases they can use to ask for directions or order food in a restaurant etc. This course is definitely not for you!
  • Anyone who believes you can become conversationally fluent in Spanish just from playing word games on an App or “fill in the blank” exercises where 90% of the work is already done for you. If that's you, steer clear of this course!
  • Anyone looking for a “magic wand” to fix their Spanish without having to do any work. This course does require you to work but the gains for your Spanish are huge if you're prepared to do it.

Who This Is PERFECT For!

  • Anyone who wants to be able to express their own unique thoughts in the language no matter the situation. (You'll be learning exactly how Spanish works so that you can use and adapt it to any given situation and handle anything life may throw at you!)
  • Anyone who likes a structured learning system where you're told exactly what to do at each stage in order to get the maximum results. (This streamlines your path to success and dramatically cuts down the time it takes to reach fluency. Simply follow the path I've already worked out for you.)
  • Anyone who has been having difficulty "putting it all together" with other methods. (Most people who arrive to SWP have tried and failed many times before with other Spanish courses. Their Spanish is full of holes and gaps that makes it next to impossible for them to move forward. I fix all of that, and quickly!)

Free Bonus Gift - Only On This Page!

Inside the members area I've hooked you up with something I normally only keep for my private students. It's a comprehensive guide on all the "best practices" to abide by when studying using the SWP system!
  • An Expert Guide On Best Practices When Using "Spanish With Paul" - You'll learn every tip, trick, shortcut and hack I know to gain the maximum results possible with the course!
  • ​The #1 Thing I Recommend ALL Students Do On A Daily Basis! - This one technique alone has proven to be so incredibly powerful that I strongly recommend all students follow it.
  • ​There Are Actually 15 Different Methods I Employ On A Weekly Basis - Each day you can pick and choose which ones you're going to do which ensures your study time always feels fresh and pleasant to do.
  • ​Dramatically Increases Your Rate Of Improvement - Simply follow the guidelines I'll give you and watch as your rate of improvement in Spanish starts to skyrocket using the Spanish With Paul system!

An Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here's The Deal: Try this course for a full 30 days before deciding if you want to keep it. If you don't see a huge improvement in your Spanish I'll refund every penny back to you and you can still keep the bonus absolutely FREE just for trying it out!
  • Take a full 30 days to test drive the course. This will give you ample time to see if it's going to work for you.
  • If for any reason, or no reason at all, you don't like it simply email Elena here for a full and prompt refund.
  • Your money will be returned plus you can still keep the bonus gift absolutely FREE. I couldn't make this kind of offer if I wasn't absolutely sure it was going to work for you!

Here's What To Do Next

This course is really for anyone who's ready to stop kidding around and actually make some real progress, it's important though that you make a decision today and take action. After all, you risk nothing by trying and many others have already taken the plunge and are getting some fantastic results!
Can't I just learn all this stuff for free on YouTube?
There are a lot of moving parts to learning a language so you need a course that is fully structured in order to master it. Inside SWP, each lesson builds perfectly upon the last so you get a perfectly even learning curve to follow. What's on YouTube is mostly unorganized "bits & pieces" that just won't get you the same professional results.
But isn't it best to learn from a native speaker?
You would certainly thinks so! But the answer is actually no. Just like us, most native Spanish speakers don't have the first clue as to how their own language actually works. They only know if it "sounds right" to their ears but they can't give you a clear explanation as to WHY it's right or wrong!

That's why it's far better to learn the mechanics of how a language works from someone who can see things from your perspective as a native English speaker. They understand what it's like to be you!
O.K but what about pronunciation?
I'll give it to you straight... as an adult learner you'll never have the exact same pronunciation as a native Spanish speaker... it just doesn't work that way. Not unless you grew up learning the language from childhood and having native speakers around the house.

As long as the person teaching you has correct pronunciation you're good to go. It's what you'll have too but please, forget this myth of sounding exactly like a native speaker! You will always sound like a foreigner who is fluent in Spanish.
I only have a limited time to learn
Most of us are busy and simply don't have a lot of hours to dedicate to learning Spanish but that's O.K. Ideally it would be good to devote 1 hour a day to the course and finish in less than 60 days but if it takes you longer who cares? You'll still get the same fantastic results at the end.
I've tried and failed before
So have most of the people reading this page. The vast majority of members inside SWP are coming from failed attempts to learn Spanish with other courses. If that's you too, you're in good company! Listen, I think you'll find that the "penny will finally drop" once you start this course. It does for most people simply because I teach Spanish a little differently from the norm.
Is this Spanish from Spain or Latin America?
The course has a bias towards Latin America but it's not as important as you might imagine. The structure of Spanish is the most important thing to master that and doesn't change for any country. Once you understand how Spanish works, it's a simple task to tweak your Spanish to match whatever the locals are doing.

The course that does the best job of teaching you how Spanish works is the one to get! Everything else can be easily tweaked afterwards to match any Spanish speaking country in the world.

I'll Also Throw In A 2nd Free Bonus!

To sweeten the deal even more, I'll also give you a second free gift when you order today. This is my Ultimate Guide To Modal Verbs and will give you a complete list of every one you should know and be using in your Spanish!
  • The Ultimate Guide To Modal Verbs - A complete list of all the modal verbs you must know and many examples on how to use them!
  • ​The #1 Quickest Way To Speed Up Your Spanish With The Least Amount Of Effort - These phrasal verbs are essential building blocks that will add instant power to your everyday Spanish.
  • Examples Given In Past, Present & Future Tenses - Extract maximum power by learning how to use each modal verb in all three timeframes, perfect for quick, conversational Spanish.
  • A Comprehensive List That Includes Even More Modal Verbs Than The Original SWP Course! - These extra examples are what happens when two native Spanish speakers proof read your work! They turned me on to even more modal verbs I hadn't even thought of before!

Choose What's Right For You!

There Are Two Membership Options

Regular Member

$99.95 USD
  • The Full Course: Over 50 hours of content
  • PDF and Audio downloads
  • One years worth of updates
  • ​Access to the Video Vault
  • ​Native Spanish speaker support
  • ​Ultra modern members area
  • ​Video streaming from the cloud (CDN)
  • ​Works on all devices
  • ​30 day money back guarantee
  • ​One years unlimited access

Premium Member

$199.95 USD
  • The Full Course: Over 50 hours of content
  • ​Extra Content & Lessons
  • ​Quizzes to grade your progress
  • PDF and Audio downloads
  • One years worth of updates
  • ​Access to the Video Vault
  • ​Native Spanish speaker support
  • ​Ultra modern members area
  • ​Certificate of completion
  • ​Video streaming from the cloud (CDN)
  • ​Works on all devices
  • ​30 day money back guarantee
  • ​One years unlimited access

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Safe & Secure Checkout

P.S - In case you're one of those people (like me) that just immediately scroll to the bottom of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm offering you my flagship Spanish course to completely transform your Spanish and get you to conversational fluency faster than anything else out there. It comes with over 50hrs of content and is taught without any grammar, writing down or rote memorization. You also get access to me and my staff of 4 native Spanish speakers.

Most students complete the course in 60 days or less.

I'm also giving you the official Spanish With Paul Study Guide which I normally only give to my private students, absolutely free. It will give you every secret I know to help you improve as quickly as possible.

On top of that I'm also giving you my Ultimate Guide To Modal Verbs. It will hook you up with a complete library of the most powerful building blocks anyone can have for their Spanish.

Here's The Best Part Of All: If you don't experience a huge improvement in your Spanish within this very short period of time, simply email me for a full refund and you can keep the bonus gifts for FREE simply for giving it a shot.

In other words, you can see if this works for you completely risk free.

Sound good? Then choose your membership option above and let's get started today!
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